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Spicy Orange proudly presents an extensive collection of organic Air-dry clay jewelry, one of its most statement pieces! Each piece is handmade from scratch, starting from rolling the clay, cutting out each individual piece, letting it to dry for 24-48 hours. Next stage is sanding, where each piece needs to be smoothed and rid of imperfections. Then follows the first layer of water resistant matte varnish. Finally, an exciting stage – colouring and pattern creating, using high quality chalk paint and permanent markers. The second layer of varnish is applied, following by final jewelry assembly and jewelry findings attachment. And VOILA, 3 days later your statement clay earrings are ready!

hand-drawn bag.jpg


Another unique collection offered by Spicy Orange is hand-drawn zipper pouches. Such a great gift for your beloved friend! Each piece is hand-drawn using high quality fabric paint and markers on sturdy cotton canvas. The back side of the pouch is made of vegan or recycled leather, providing not only eco-friendly, but also durable final product. I also pay great attention to inner lining material & I can assure you – its never boring! Another great feature - the pouches can be washed by hand or laundry machine (at 30°).


Another collection that Spicy Orange is proud to present is sea washed collection. It contains jewelry and wall decoration pieces. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, created using sea washed goodies, like glass, shells and tiles, s integrated with glass beads, freshwater pearl and stainless steel charms and findings. All the sea washed pieces are collected in Greek island of Kos, usually in winter time after stormy weathers. Each piece is carefully cleaned, varnished and then processed according to certain design. The process requires patience and delicacy, but the final result is worth it – you end up with a totally unique piece of


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