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Spicy Orange is innovative handmade accessory brand for curious, adventurous, unique style souls, who believe that accessories make the outfit. The brand navigates between old-time classic designs, shapes & patterns and quirky statement pieces – “just the right amount of spice”, so you can choose from the wide palette of flavors depending on your personal style.



Classic Greek architectural shapes, ancient ruins, wide range of island landscapes from mountains to plenty of beaches, extensive variety of plants, herbs and spices, constant rays of sun (300 sunny days yearly!) are most prominent inspirations, visible in Spicy Orange designs.

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If you like nature hikes, healthy, colorful and spicy food, you are constantly searching for harmony and balance in life (looove yoga, Pilates and meditation), believe in KARMA, cannot live without cultural events & think that eARTh without art is just “eh”…, you believe that BEAUTY (including fashion, style and generally aesthetics) will safe the world AND you are in constant search for unique pieces that perfectly compliment our style, YOU are my soul sister and perfect customer for Spicy Orange.


During summer season (May - October) you can meet me and get to know and try Spicy Orange brand live! We are located at Kazoulis square, which is next to the central -

 Eleftherias square - the heart of historical Kos center. So if you are traveling to Kos, make sure to stop by and say hi!

Best way to learn our exact location and open hours is to connect through Social Media.

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