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Stainless steel silver chain bracelet with black freshwater pearls

Stainless steel findings

Chain diameter ≈ 1.5 mm

Pearl size ≈ 6mm

Each chain bracelet comes with 3 cm extension

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Silver chain bracelet with black freshwater pearls

13,00 €Price

It is an item from Freshwater pearl collection. Each piece contains natural cultured freshwater pearl beads in combination with stainless steel chains, nylon cord, stainless steel charms and findings.

Freshwater pearls are perfect for everyday jewelry, because of its ability to be matched with various metals, colours and designs. May it be colorful statement jewelry or minimal geometric accessory - freshwater pearl jewelry is a perfect companion!

The other great feature is it's uniqueness. Every single piece of freshwater pearl is slightly different from each other, you could say they have little "imperfections". To me, freshwater pearls are perfect due to its imperfection, compared to perfectly oval shape of saltwater pearls.