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Stainless steel silver chain necklace with handmade clay pendant

Stainless steel findings

Chain diameter ≈ 1.5 mm

Pendant's width  ≈ 3 cm

Each chain necklace comes with 5 cm extension

Check out pastel colour statement clay earrings to make a set!



Silver chain necklace with clay pendant

15,00 €Price

This is an item from Statement Clay collection. Each piece of jewelry is hand-crafted from scratch using organic Air dry clay, which is lightweight, durable and has a nice matte finish. Besides being made from scratch, each piece is also hand-painted with high quality chalk paint and permanent markers and finished with water resistant matte varnish.

The collection is defined by its bold colour combinations, unique prints and innovative shapes – perfect for someone who likes to make a statement with their jewelry. Even though the pieces are quite “loud” on their own, you can match it with jewelry from Minimal Geometry or Beaded Jewelry collections.


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