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  • Your personal information you enter to make purchases is confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties except as required by law.

  • Spicy Orange uses the personal data published by the Customer to fulfil the order and may also use the contact details of its customers to transmit advertising and other information.

  • Spicy Orange transmits personal data to the companies providing the transport service in order to deliver the goods.

  • Spicy Orange will send newsletters and offers to the buyer's e-mail address only if the buyer has expressed a wish by entering their e-mail address into the subscription form and has announced his / her wish to receive direct mail notifications.


  • All images are for illustrative purposes only.

  • Prices are subject to change without notice.

  • The seller has the right to withdraw from the contract concluded via the e-shop and not to deliver the ordered goods in the following cases:

  1. the goods have run out of stock;

  2. the price or features of the goods have been displayed incorrectly in the e-shop due to a system error;

  3. the Buyer does not meet the conditions established by the Seller.

  • If the Seller is unable to fulfil the order, the Seller will contact the Buyer and return the amount paid when the Buyer has managed to make an advance payment for the goods.


  • By placing an order and making a payment in the Spicy Orange e-shop, the Customer confirms that he has read the terms of sale and agrees with them.

  • Spicy Orange reserves the right to adjust prices. If the Customer submitted his order before the price changes took effect, the price that was reflected on the invoice at the time of placing the order applies to him. Spicy Orange has the right to change and supplement these terms and conditions of sale and price list in the interests of developing the e-shop.

  • Spicy Orange’s e-shop is constantly changing and expanding. New products will be added to the e-shop as new designs are created. Spicy Orange reserves the right to refuse the sale if a human error has been made when entering the product into the e-shop. For example, an error in entering the price or a technical error in the system, if the price of the product is reflected in the e-shop with a large difference from reality - for example, if a product costing 50 € is accidentally sold for 10 €. Consequently, we assume that the customer understands that this is a defect and that the product is not for sale at that price.

  • In matters not regulated in the above conditions, the Customer and Spicy Orange shall be guided by the legislation in force in Greece and other acts regulating the relations between the parties.


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